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Kennel & Breed Club Links

These Links are for websites for Kennel Clubs  & Breed Clubs.


American Papillon Breed Clubs

Papillon Club of America
Papillon Club of Hawaii
Three Rivers Papillon Club of  PA
Alamo Papillon Society

Papillon Breed Clubs

Papillon Canada
Papillon Club of Sweden
Swedish Phalène Club
Papillon Club of Denmark
Papillon- & Phalène Club of Finland
The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club
The Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club
Schweizerischer Papillon- und Phalène-Club
Papillon Club of Ireland

Kennel Clubs

The American Kennel Club
The Canadian Kennel Club
The British Kennel Club
The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)
The Kennel Club of Stockholm (STOKK)
The Swedish Toy Dog Club (SDHK)
The Danish Kennel Club
The Norwegian Kennel Club
The Finnish Kennel Club
The Icelandic Kennel club
The French Kennel Club
Fédération Cynologiquie Int. (FCI)
The Italian Kennel Club
The Austrian Kennel Club
The German Kennel Club
The Japanese Kennel Club
The Portuguese Kennel Club
The Estonian Kennel Club

*Providing links does not mean Forevr Paps endorses these links as ethical Papillon Representatives. If making Papillon inquires please sufficiently research and visit your countries local club sites.

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