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Vellus formulas have redefined grooming for animals world wide, becoming the World Leader in animal grooming products for pets and show animals. 

Our cat friends enjoy Vellus Pet Cosmetics too!

Vellus  Vellus
Shampoo Concentrate Conditioning Concentrate 
  is richly concentrated. The natural ingredients chosen for the Vellus Shampoo are cosmetic grade offering a true salon shampoo for dogs and cats. Vellus Shampoo cleanses well with quick rinsability. Vellus Shampoo brightens whites, enhances contrasting colors, provides a high shine and is soothing to the skin. Oil and lanolin free.   
12 oz  
32 oz  
1 gallon  

No international orders of Gallons.


  is richly concentrated. The natural ingredients were chosen for their superior performance. The dilution ratio of the Vellus Conditioner makes it possible to provide the proper coat texture for all breeds. Vellus Conditioner strengthens hair, helps maintain tangle free coat, furnishes shine, static control and health to the hair. Oil and lanolin free.
12 oz 0  
32 oz $  
1 gallon  

No international orders of Gallons.


Vellus Vellus
Clarifying Shampoo Concentrate Satin Cream
  removes excess buildup of conditioners, other brand products, medications, minerals and chlorine. Vellus Clarifying Shampoo will not remove natural emollients needed to maintain the health of the hair. It is a good degreaser for cats. Oil and lanolin free.
12 oz  
32 oz  
1 Gallon    

No international orders of Gallons.


  (for hair and skin) promotes health and growth to damaged hair. This pristine formula protects the hair from breakage and is excellent for topknots and coated dogs that need wrapped. It is very protective to the hair of those dogs that have leg furnishings. Can also be used as a finishing cream. This product is very soothing to the skin and is helpful with clipper burn. Oil and lanolin free.
4 oz Jar  
1 lb Jar  

One of our best sellers!! 


Vellus Vellus
Static Stabilizer Finish
  is a ready to use moisturizer. This light solution is wonderful for maintenance brushing. The product provides light conditioning, easy glide-thru, static control and shine. Vellus Static Stabilizer refreshes the coat. Oil and lanolin free.
12 oz Spray  
32 oz Refill  
1 Gallon Refill  

Terrific Ring Side Spray. 

No international orders of Gallons.


  is a formula that blends all stray hairs in harmony with the drape or hang of the coat. Finish provides shine, antistatic capabilities while holding the finish look as the hair and the dog move naturally. Finish contains a very light oil derivative. Wonderful show day product. Shampoo Finish out of the hair soon after show day to remove oil. Lanolin free.
12 oz Spray $  


Vellus  Vellus
Tangle Out  The Sampler
is a PRE-WASH detangling solution. This state of the art formula will slide tangles and mats out of the dog's coat. Use Tangle Out to detangle your dog and then shampoo with Clarifying Shampoo, followed by Vellus Original Shampoo. Condition as usual. This is not a maintenance brushing solution. This product is designed to detangle, save time, energy and hair. Silicone based. Oil and lanolin free.
12 oz Spray  

Popular with long coated breeds and Cat lovers. 

  is a starter kit that is beautifully packaged. Makes a nice gift and great for travel. The Sampler contains: 2oz each of: Shampoo, Clarifying Shampoo, Conditioner, Static Stabilizer, 1oz. Satin Cream and a booklet.
5 Samples & Booklet in Fancy Box



Vellus  Vellus 
Measuring Bottle Mini Pet Bath
  is calibrated in ounces and milliliters for proper dilution. If you are showing, it is important to measure for the specific hair texture requirements designated for your breed. 16 oz/480ml measuring bottle.
16 oz Calibrated Bottle  



  is a terrific start when wanting to try out Shampoo Concentrate & Conditioning Concentrate.  The Mini Pet Bath includes 2 oz each of:  Shampoo Concentrate and Conditioning Concentrate.
Shampoo Conc. & Conditioning Conc. in Fancy Box



Vellus Scent Now in a spray pump cologne.

Spray Perfume.
Freshen your dog's hair with the fragrance of Vellus Morning Mist. This original custom designed fragrance of Vellus is a lovely added compliment to the dog's hair. Ready to use in a 2oz/59ml attractive spray bottle.

2 OZ Spray  
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