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Stud  Contract

    _____Multiple Group  Winning Ch. En-Las Bravissimo, SOM, AOM_____

Stud Dog: Ch. En-Las Bravissimo    TN 536817/01             Stud Fee: $1,000.00
Eye checked clear 4-01,         Patella Sound,        DNA Profile # V120109
Bitch:                                                                            AKC#:
Address:                                                                         Phone #:
                                                                                        Email Address:

The owners of the stud dog and bitch described above agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

The breeding provided is to be performed by a natural breeding. The bitch owner(s) are responsible for all costs that pertain to this breeding, which includes veterinarian, Shipping, and transportation. The stud service and expenses will be paid for to the stud dog owner upon receipt of the bitch for breeding. The Stud dog owner strongly suggests to the bitch owner to have a progesterone test performed to obtain optimal breeding dates prior to delivery of the bitch for breeding. If breeding results in no live puppies, or one live mismarked puppy, one return service will be offered at no charge for the stud fee, any other breeding expenses would be due.

The bitch owner(s) certifies that the bitch being bred is actually the dog noted above and the bitch owner will provide necessary proof by DNA if there is any question of parentage of the litter. If the bitch has had any history of any health problems it is to be disclosed and the owner certifies the bitch is free of contagious diseases prior to the signing of the stud dog agreement. The breeder will provide the stud dog owner with a copy of the bitches most recent eye check, brucellosis test results, the AKC Registration Papers, Pedigree, and the AKC litter registration application. Prior to the breeding the Bitch owner will consult with their veterinarian and make sure that the vet considers the bitch good criteria for mating. The bitch owner to the stud dog owner prior to the breeding being performed will disclose any prior season abnormalities, mating difficulties, pregnancy or birthing problems.

The bitch owner(s) agrees that stud dog owner retains first right of refusal to purchase outright any show or breeding prospect offspring from this breeding at a reasonable price of a show or breeding prospect Papillon that the bitch owner does not keep. This amount is not to exceed $1,200.00 US dollars for a show prospect and $900.00 US dollars for a breeding prospect. At no time can the bitch owner(s) give away, sell, or lease any show or breeding prospect, all or in part, without offering first right of outright ownership to stud dog owner (All or part includes co-ownership with another party.) The Bitch owner(s) agrees to keep ownership on all offspring while the dogs are intact. If offspring are sold or placed or given to anyone, excluding the stud dog owner, the offspring will be spayed or neutered prior to the residing in its new home. The stud dog owner agrees on any off spring they purchase to keep ownership on all offspring while the dogs are intact. The bitch owner will disclose any puppy back agreements resulting from the potential litter prior to breeding. The stud dog owner will not agree to any puppy backs unless the express written consent is provided as an addendum to stud dog contract.

In the event any pet/non-breeding quality puppies result from this breeding, the bitch owner(s) agree to sell all pets on a written non-breeding contract. Pet quality puppies that are sold or placed must be sold or placed on an AKC limited registration, and the breeder must withhold registration papers until proof of spay/neutering is provided from the buyer, unless the dog is sold already spayed or neutered. Any puppy, which is severely mismarked, has a bite other than scissors or a luxated patella will be considered pet quality. The bitch owner agrees not to be breed any pet quality dog from the results of this breeding. The bitch owner will provide the stud dog owner with the name and address of the buyer of any of the offspring at the time sale of a pet.

The bitch owner(s) agree not to transfer ownership of the bitch or lease the bitch until after any litter is born. In the event of death of the bitch owner(s) this Agreement shall be binding on the heirs, successors and assigns of each party.

If any provision of the Agreement is or becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable. This agreement is to be construed under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania or the state the stud dog owner is currently a resident in. Any action or proceeding brought by any party concerning a dispute arising hereunder shall be brought to court of competent jurisdiction located in Pennsylvania or the state the stud dog owner is currently a resident in.

Each party hereby acknowledge that she/he had an opportunity to review this Agreement, including the opportunity to consult with an attorney if she/he so chooses and that this Agreement is entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and an understanding of the terms hereof. No Party has relied on any representation other than the terms of this Agreement.

Any and all changes or amendments to this Agreement must be in writing & signed by both parties in order to be enforceable.

The Bitch Owner(s) and Danny R. Ford II, Forevr Papillons, have read and understand this agreement and agree to all parts and portions thereof and consider it as a binding agreement between themselves.

Severability: If any clause of this contract shall be found to be illegal and unenforceable, the remaining parts of this agreement will not be voided.

Agreed to on this ________ day of _______________________, 20 ___.


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B.O. Initials

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"Forevr in the Pursuit of Papillon Perfection"


Fresh Chilled Extended Stud Contract

Pedigree for 

Ch. En-La's Bravissimo, TN536817/01

Owner: Danny R. Ford II

Breeders: Ruth Ann Ramsey Ford & W. Koistinen

Ch. Paraja's Obsession for Laser

Ch. Ken Mar Oscar De La Renta, SOM

Ch. Luxxor Wizard

Ch. Ken Mar Loteki Autumn

Ch. Ken Mar's Camberwell Beauty, DOM

Ch. Shel Lons Red TNT Riot,SOM

Ken Mar's Wild Thing Natasha

Ch. Envy Ears For Cheers

Ch Titian's Jubilant Joker, SOM

Ch. Kenrennie Osric

Titian's Starbird

Envy My Fuzzy Lass, DOM

Ch. Atta Fuzzy Bear

Ch. Atta Envy My Happy Lass



sire: CH. Paraja's Obsession for Laser

dam: CH. Envy Ears for Cheers

Bravo (center) & His Offspring