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Boy Belly Bands 

Forevr offers several different styles of Belly Bands.

Belly bands are used to help your pet as a house training aid or help with the dog that may become incontinent because of health reasons or old age.  Each one of Forevr Show Dogs Small Dog Shop are made by our Forevr Seamstress Ruth Ann,  These items are not mass produced in a factory.  Because of this any of the belly bands ordered from Forevr are quality made with good materials.  Each style of belly belts have fiber fill in the center to provide additional absorption.  We do suggest that you also use a ladies sanitary pad inside the bands as needed. There are as many names for these items here are a few.  Belly Band, Belly Belt, Male Cummerbunds, Pee Wrappers, Doggie Diapers, etc.

Please click on the name of the Band to check out the different styles we offer.

**Production Notice **

Adjustable and Velcro Bands are in stock.

Sorry we have discontinued the white sock bands.


Adjustable Belly Belt

Made to tighten like a belt with clips... No more fabric running all the way around your dogs midsection.

Multiple Sizes Available

Velcro Calico Belly Bands

Velcro Calico Bands are our newest band with a hint of the same style and quality of our old Custom made Velcro BellyBand.


White Belly Bands

We  have about 100 white bands in stock, once their gone... they could be gone for good.

Measurement Directions and BellyBand Return Policy

Measuring our dog for a BellyBand


Need Answers to Questions about our Products?

Write Forevr Showdogs at: smalldogshop@showpaps.com

  Call the Fords at  512-216-2239,

Ordering a Forevr Made Product?

Allow 14 **BUSINESS DAYS** for fabrication and mailing of your item.

Your credit card will not be charged until your order is in production.

Shipping days are Tues.-Wed. unless we are on an extended show circuit or traveling. Your order will be shipped USPS Priority Mail.  Large, Heavy or International Orders may be sent  by some other shipping company.

Store hours M-F 9-4 CST

Even though our online store is open 24 hours a day that does not mean we are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Please NOTE!  WE don't mind at all answering your calls or emails.  We are a small business, we ask that you call during eastern time working hours and not expect an immediate email reply.

Forevr "showdogs" means our business also travels to "dog shows", we are frequently gone Thursday - Monday on circuits.


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